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These threats to digital autonomy are gendered, racialized, queerphobic, transphobic, ableist, and classist in nature.The severity of these threats can have vast physical and psychological repercussions for those who experience them: they cannot be taken lightly.You could be irritated with someone today, but you...Your mind is running so fast today that you can't even keep up with your own grandiose visions about an upcoming adventure.

He was a bohemian with a cushion whose first purchases in London were an Olivetti typewriter and a blue raincoat at Burberry.

Which is precisely how last week I invited just over 240 people to help me plan a birthday party for a man I’d met just twice.

The party was born out of a rash experiment, one intended as a sort of proof-of-concept review of Facebook’s shadowy algorithms — the complex bits of machine learning that invite us to read, post, share, friend, and like, the scaffolding upon which our Facebook personas are built.

There is little in the way of accountability for companies and developers, all the while users are left with little support for the violence they’ve encountered, even being blamed for actions of a malicious attacker.

You have a right to exist safely in digital spaces.

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