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Welcome to my site – you’ll find this post is a sort of diary where I put things I’m doing that are (almost) relevant to the subject – they ‘fall off the bottom’ after a few weeks – bits from the diary may get put into existing or new posts when they fall off.Please feel free to contact me via the comments box in each post or by my email as per the CONTACT tab at the top.If you're looking for one with a flashlight, you'll find it here. You will not get "electrocuted" or feel anything, even if you are standing in water using it. You are just immobilizing them so you can get to safety. If you have any questions about anything, just let us know and we'll be sure to answer them for you.They have their place, function and will handle home-defense scenarios quite well.But in my opinion, what weapons works best boils down to the shooter’s training and knowledge.IMPORTANT NOTICE This site contains details of what I do – it does not mean that it is safe or legal for you to do the same, and I accept no responsibility if you do.You are responsible for ensuring that what you do is within your capabilities and is safe and legal in your country.

The documents directly contradict sworn testimony by Obama’s Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division, Thomas Perez, that no political leadership was involved in the decision. Christian Adams, said there’s a pervasive and open hostility towards equal enforcement of the law in the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division.The Obama Justice Department let the New Black Panther Party off the hook for voter intimidation in a federal election but this week the radical group leader, King Samir Shabazz, who led that effort got busted on gun charges.New York police spotted Shabazz wearing a bulletproof vest in Harlem, stopped him and discovered he was carrying a loaded and unlicensed gun, according to a newspaper report in Shabazz’s hometown of Philadelphia.Guns, even antiques, can be dangerous and if you don’t know what you are doing get expert help.Many antique guns are of historic and/or financial value, and its your responsibility to find out if what you want to do will damage their value.

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