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The first song played in the pilot is by Liberty Lunch regulars The Wayouts.Thomas’s decision to feature Austin musicians not only gave those bands some national exposure, but also put some money in their pockets: songwriters would get unexpected royalty payments when their songs were broadcast.If anything, an overabundance of vision and heart is what doomed Kazaam.But amazingly (as well as strangely and beautifully), that overabundance helped save the soul of a talented director who once upon a time was best known to the world as a no non-sense cop named “Starsky.”How Did This Get Made is a companion to the podcast How Did This Get Made with Paul Scheer, Jason Mantzoukas and June Diane Raphael which focuses on movies. Harris, who you might know as the writer of the book Console Wars, soon to be a motion picture produced by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg.When he left his day job as an Austin teacher in 1993 to go work for Channel One, an educational broadcast network in Los Angeles, he figured his rock’n’roll days were over, and he’d find creative satisfaction as a TV news producer. I didn’t even let myself worry about getting published until after I’d finished it.” Once he found an agent and publisher, he even felt a little special.Unfortunately the Channel One job proved to be more of a bureaucratic drudge, so he began writing the book that became his debut young adult novel, “I can say, honestly, that I did it without any ambition beyond it in mind,” he told me. “I remember walking around LA coffee shops and seeing everyone’s laptops open to screenplays and feeling so pleased that I would be competing with what felt like a smaller pool. I didn’t know anyone in LA doing what I was doing.” Then he found out what even the lowest-paid TV writer makes.

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From a distance, it might be easy to conclude that Kazaam must have been written, produced and directed without vision or heart.Here are some highlights: Question: Will Vinnie and Cliff be back? Question: Will the #veronicamarsmovie still have the same snarky humor as the show did? This leaves just KB and EC to carry much of the show, but when they decide to make Keith someone who gets involved in cheating, they sort of remove the moral center of the show. Dana5140 | January 30, CET To be truthful I never really got into Veronica Mars even back in the days when the rest of you guys were raving about it.I watched it and (sort of) enjoyed it, largely due to the lovely Kristin Bell, but it never hooked me in the same way that it obviously had many around here.

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