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The more you put yourself out there doing things that you enjoy you automatically start meeting people who have similar interests.

Shaina: Look for potential partners and dates in unusual places. The bar scenes can get old and online dating can get overwhelming if that is the only thing a person is doing.

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Summertime is the on the horizon, and if you are single, the idea of finding companionship might be top of mind. Recently I spoke with Texas Dating Coaches – Kim Tucker, a Licensed Professional Counselor based in Dallas and Shaina Singh, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker based in Austin – to gather some tips on the ins and outs to finding a partner.

It can also be a slog that feels akin to dragging your heart through mud that seems to like you, then never texts you back.

When people ask how we met, I tell them, “an online dating website”. They ask, “How long did it take before you met each other?

I wrote: I aspire to be the kind of person that Mister Rogers would be proud to call his “neighbor”. I like heart-shaped crystals, almond croissants, pumpkin spice lattes and smartphone-free dinner parties.

I always ask clients what they look for in a partner and challenge them to ask themselves if their criteria is making them miss out in any way.

I think a certain criterion is really helpful, however, if you often find that people do not meet your standards, even the most amazing people, then I do encourage you to challenge your list of things you want in a partner.

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