Dating etiquette who pays

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After the first few days, it can get more complicated. A recent study of 17,000 men and women in the United States found that 84% of the men and 58% of the women surveyed believed the man still usually pays for dinner.

I was disheartened to read that a survey released last year found that 77% of heterosexual people still think the man should foot the bill on dates. We are basically living in the future, and we should be striving for equality.

Now that it’s easier to get a first date, more people are going on them, and it’s burning some big holes in their wallets.

The article gives examples of dates in New York City or San Francisco that total up to 0.

Interestingly enough, an almost equal percentage of women would feel offended if the man didn’t let them pay.

In the meanwhile, two thirds of men feel women should contribute but most feel guilty about feeling that way.

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