Dating a serial monogamist

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The trap is sprung and all of the effort should culminate in a capture, a kill if you will.There is some catch and release along the way, but the end game is often a sexual encounter. I can’t imagine a situation where a date would get in the way of my parenting, or prevent me from responding to a text or call from them within a few minutes.It’s best if I keep my focus on the aspects of my life that I am still trying to change or evolve.I’m not sure where that leads them, but I’m pretty sure it’s not the right direction for me. Post-divorce I had ideas that I would go out and become a serial dater. My buddy, KP, confesses to being a casual dater with no intention of settling down, or even slowing down. How could I really be 100% available for what’s next, when I’m not there myself. I am writing up a storm, though I know poetry and self-revelatory recovery books won’t provide a roof over my head. If a woman doesn’t have long-term potential, I’m not all that interested in spending time with her. It’s not that I am making long-term designs on a woman in the first months of a relationship.Hard Salami and I have engaged in a very interesting conversation about the differences between serial daters and serial monogamists, prompted by my question to him about whether he is a serial monogamist.

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The following five signs of serial monogamy illustrate how you can detect this habit in your own behavior, along with some tips on living a healthier, more independent lifestyle.

But thanks to the songs that have fueled her rise to the top of the pop-star pyramid, it's become impossible to separate Swift, the woman, from Swift, the starring character in her own long-running, ingeniously packaged relationship drama.

Hence the uproar every time she has broken up with a guy—an uproar that gets even louder when she, There are of course no rules when it comes to "proper" windows of mourning after one relationship ends and before another begins.

Surely we can all agree on one thing: Taylor Swift is a free woman.

She's 26, the face of a one-woman musical empire and rather stunning to boot.

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