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"In 1790, the first Congress, which was packed with framers, required all ship owners to provide medical insurance for seamen; in 1798, Congress also required seamen to buy hospital insurance for themselves.

In 1792, Congress enacted a law mandating that all able-bodied citizens obtain a firearm." One complaint about President Obama’s Affordable Care Act is that it forces uninsured people to purchase health insurance or pay a penalty -- an argument the Supreme Court will consider when it takes up challenges to the health-care law in oral arguments March 27 and 28.

Public individuals or organizations can also be required to fulfill public mandates.

Beginning with the Civil Rights Act of 1957 and the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as well as the Voting Rights Act of 1965, the United States federal government has designed laws that require state and local government spending to promote national goals.

And it is intensifying the debate about whether conservatives who now control Washington will honor their pledge to respect states’ rights, even when states pursue policies out of step with the Republican agenda.

In its final months, the Obama administration gave states the green light to pursue their vision. Tom Mc Clintock’s office rang seven times in 10 minutes Tuesday afternoon. Tom Mc Clintock’s office rang seven times in 10 minutes Tuesday afternoon. Wire)The state laws generally require employers with no retirement plans to automatically invest a small percentage of each worker’s pay in a state-sponsored retirement account.The second act required "each and every free able-bodied white male citizen" aged 18 through 44 to enroll in his state militia within the next year with the exception of the vice president, other federally elected officials and specified workers such as "all ferrymen employed at any ferry on the post road" as well as individuals exempted by state laws.Commanders were to continue enrolling eligible men in coming years, the law said.First, we wanted to see whether that first Congress was actually "packed with framers." Fifty-five men are considered the framers.During the first Congress in 1790, only 20 of the 91 senators and representatives were framers. Then we contacted Elhauge about the other parts of his claim. First was the 1790 law, passed by that first Congress, which applied to any U. ship that was at least 150 tons or with a crew of at least 10. Finally, in 1798, a Congress that included five framers expanded the health coverage mandate, requiring every ship owner or master coming into a port to pay 20 cents per seaman for every month each worker had been employed.

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