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How can I get Webstotm to play with Firebase nicely?

regards Jared You can use the unminified version of Firebase for development. Do you know what happens if the downloaded library is updated? Will Webstorm notify me when new version of is issued, or do I need to download it manually?I am using (testing) Webstorm 7 EAP for development.I downloaded the be able to have code completion and JSDocs for Firebase.Also, if WS is still fussy you can try a couple different things. Any way thanks a lot for both, the answer and the effort (screenshots:). I'm not sure how caching works; I've never noticed any issues so it prob checks at some interval, but apis don't change too frequently either.Find the reference to Firebase in your code and click on it, click the light bulb, choose download library: Add Firebase-debug to your JS Libs under Project Settings -Fantastic! If you run into issues you can use the js lib approach, which allows you to control versions control updates.

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