Carbon 14 the radioactive nuclide used in dating fossils has

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Wiens has a Ph D in Physics, with a minor in Geology.His Ph D thesis was on isotope ratios in meteorites, including surface exposure dating.This much has been known for more than a century, since Ernest Rutherford defined the notion of half-lifethe time it takes for half of the atoms in a radioactive sample to transmute into something else.

where is the half-life of the element, is the time expired since the sample contained the initial number atoms of the nuclide, and is the remaining amount of the nuclide.

But last Sunday, her Bible teacher stated emphatically that God made Earth only six thousand years ago. The age assigned to the fossils in front of her seems to contradict the creation account, and Janet’s heartbeats accelerate at the implication. Credible answers to common misconceptions about radiometric dating and a proper understanding of Scripture can help people like Janet reconcile creation accounts regarding the age of Earth.

Scientists agree that radiometric-dating techniques offer the most concrete evidence of any dating system for answering questions about the age of Earth.

The suns atmosphere was spewing out matter, some of which would reach Earth the day after.

Charged particles would contort the planets magnetic field, disrupt satellite communications and pose a threat to astronauts on the International Space Station.

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