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To live in the US is to live in a nation of fears -- most of them, irrational.

The Department of Homeland Security -- the eerily nationalistic-sounding phoenix that rose from the ashes of the World Trade Center -- has done all it can to turn Americans into government informants, where they're encouraged to turn in complete strangers for suspicious activities like not packing enough clothes or purchasing cookware.

The median number of school years completed for Negroes is 5.1 (for whites it is 12.1).

At least 300 Negro adults have never attended any school at all, only 82 are college graduates. Government defined "poverty" for a family of four as an annual total income under 00.) Most of the population of Grenada county is supported by Agriculture.

Born Italian-American, he was raised in a small family as an only child, with his father owning a printing shop.More than half of the county's population live in the Rural areas.Half the population have a year-round steady job, the other half do not.IF U ZOOM IN HER EYES U WILL SEE A ROOM WITH A GUY IN IT, AND IT TAKES RANDOM PICTURES....IF U WISH TO DOWNLOAD MAKE SURE U COVER UR CAMERA WITH UR FINGERS The subject of their fury is the eponymous feline star of a smartphone app called Talking Angela.

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