Accommodating culture and cultural diversity in online teaching

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We know there are many online course providers as well as online schools that provide a variety of choice for online and hybrid schools.It is a budding area of education that we know is paving the way for equity and access, but it does have its potential pitfalls.A diverse population of students was able to take classes to retrieve credit for classes they may have failed in the past.How could online learned have helped solve this in the first place? The COMET Program United States Patrick Parrish, Ph D., is Senior Project Manager/International Projects Manager with The COMET Program, producing online education and training in meteorology and the geosciences.University of Colorado-Denver United States Jennifer A.

It's a great window into the potential and echoes many stories we hear from students, families, and community members who are experiencing online education.

The essays in this volume include, among others: Faculty and TAs exploring issues in diversity in teaching and learning may be interested in the following programs, initiatives and centers at Vanderbilt.

They range from service units offering direct assistance to those who are teaching at Vanderbilt, to research and outreach projects that present more indirect links to-but with important implications for–the Vanderbilt classroom.

Linder-Van Berschot is adjunct faculty at the University of Colorado-Denver, as well as a Senior Learning and Development Specialist.

Previous to this work, she was a high school Spanish teacher. Linder-Van Berschot’s research interests include online education, culture and language in online environments, mentoring and instructional design.

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